50021 (Pharmacy Scam)

50021 phone numberWhat is 50021?

50021 is a telephone number associated with pharmacy scams and fake pharmacies. Callers from 50021 may claim to be from a pharmacy.

A similar phone number used by the same organization is 845-263-1278.

Why are pharmacy scams dangerous?

  • If you get a phone call from 50021 it could mean that scammers have obtained your personal information. Your personal information may have been collected through online survey-scams, malware that infected your computer, unwanted programs, and other methods.
  • Fake pharmacies associated with 50021 do not provide legitimate products. There are various reports that suggest fake online pharmacies provide fake prescription medications, including medications that contain fecal matter and chalk.
  • Purchasing prescription medication online is illegal in many locations.

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