If you received an unsolicited phone call or message from 844-628-3616 ignore it. Various reports indicate that 844-628-3616 is a telephone number commonly used to perform telephone scams in attempt to phish personal information and extort currency from unsuspecting victims.

What is 844-628-3616?

844-628-3616 is a telephone number used to perform malicious telephone scams designed to phish personal information and extort currency.

They leave a message about a case no# 20150055, please call on this it is time sensitive about pending action complaint. I think it says to contact a Ron Kip?  I think about 3 months ago I had same message I called the number back and left a message that there was no one by the name of Von Cole here.
They say this message is for a Von Cole.  844.628.3616.  I looked up the 844 phone no’s and a lot of people have the similar experience with the 844 number’s
The all had different phone numbers but all started with 844.

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