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OMG! We knew that Robs relationship with his family was strained after his bizarre Instagram diss on Kim, but we had no idea things were this bad. Robs entire family is afraid of him after he made a pretty serious threat, has EXCLUSIVELY learned.
Rob Kardashian, 28, has always felt a bit distant from the rest of his family, but recently, his increasingly erratic behavior, including an Instagram outburst against sister Kim Kardashian, 34, have them all worried about his mental health. In fact, has EXCLUSIVELY learned about Robs one threat against them, which has left them terrified.

Rob Kardashian Threatens Family Why The Kardashians Are Scared Of Him
Rob has his entire family on edge, especially after his recent Instagram tirade against Kim, in which he compared her to the killer from the movie Gone Girl.

Should the Kardashians be scared of Rob?
Theyre very, very worried for him, but theyre all a little scared of him too. Hes completely unpredictable and volatile. When he gets upset, he threatens all kinds of stuff, like walking away from them all for good, and going where they cant find him that kind of stuff, which is very upsetting, a source close to the Kardashian family tells EXCLUSIVELY.

However, there is one threat that Rob has used, which scares his family more than anything.

And hes even threatened to do a big tell all on the family, which is pretty terrifying, our source adds.

Yikes! One can only imagine the sort of secrets he would tell about his very scandalous family.

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