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At this point in the action Candide met a beggar covered with sores The beggars eyes were lifeless and the tip of his nose had been eaten away by disease His was twisted and he was racked by a violent cough He spat out a tooth with every spasm...

These two chapters are most notable for antiwar satire Voltaire was appalled by the slaughter and waste that characterized the Seven Years War in progress at the time he wrote This conflict has its place in the background to Candide and will be discussed later The Bulgarians are the Prussians Long since critics and editors of the tale have pointed out that Voltaire chose that name to refer to his onetime patron Frederick the Great whom he suspected of being a pederast The French word bougre cf English bugger derives from Bulgare Voltaire chose the term Abarians the name of a Scythian tribe to represent the French But in Chapter II the author first pokes fun at the drillmastership of Frederick the Great and implies that the heroes are made into mere automatons Writing with studied casualness he depends as usual on irony His description of the slaughter and destruction incidental to war is absolutely devastating and his irony reaches the apex when he tells how the rival kings retired to their respective camps to sing praises to God.

Notable also is Voltaires offensive against religion as he found it practiced in his day As the account of the Anabaptists warmth and generosity indicate Voltaire found the Church suspect when its and laymen failed to be tolerant and merciful It is of some relevance to recall that in his English Letters he had kind words to say about the Baptists whose practices seemed to him to be closer to those of the primitive Christians than did those of other sects It is quite interesting that Voltaire should have chosen an Anabaptist as his Good Samaritan apparently deist that he was he believed strongly in justification by works Particularly he deplored the extremes of religious zealots.

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