Beware of false copyright claims by “Pirames International Srl” on YouTube

It has recently come to our attention that many people have received false and malicious YouTube copyright claims from “Pirames International Srl” on their YouTube videos that are eligible for monetization. Many have suspected that Pirames International Srl are “copyright trolls” who take advantage of the the YouTube copyright claim system in order to generate extra revenue off of unsuspecting YouTube users.

Pirames International Srl is known to take advantage of the YouTube copyright claim in order to target YouTube users, gain traffic through their videos, and place advertisements on their videos.

Pirames International Srl is known to file a fake YouTube copyright claim stating that audio on a victim’s video is “monetized by copyright owner.” This means that Pirames International Srl will be able to list whatever song they fraudulently claim has been infringed on the victim’s YouTube video. Pirames International Srl will also be able to display their own YouTube advertisements, make money off the YouTube video, and garnish traffic for their own YouTube videos off the victim’s YouTube video. This will also restrict the YouTube account user from displaying their own ads on their own videos for at least 30 days (disputes take 30 days to complete).

In short, Pirames International Srl files patently false audio copyright claims on YouTube videos that are eligible for monetization and owned by other people. They fraudulently state that the video contains their music and steal website traffic, YouTube video views, and revenue from the victim.

The false YouTube copyright claims have been going on for many years by different companies including Believe Music and Junkin Media but Pirames International Srl is a little more aggressive than others because they actively chase audio provided by the YouTube database and which are patently free to use for advertising such as Beethoven’s Symphony No.5.

There are several ways around fake copyright claims on YouTube. One way to fight the false Pirames International Srl copyright claims on YouTube is to “file a dispute.” Disputes can take up to 30 days to complete. You can also try to contact them through their website at; However, this never goes well.

How to file a dispute against Pirames International Srl

To file a dispute against Pirames International Srl you will need to log into your YouTube account and go to the video manager. In the video manager, click Copyright Notices on the sidebar and click “Matched third party content” (or other) on the video with the fraudulent Pirames International Srl copyright claim.

Pirames International Srl copyright

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  1. wisskier on said:

    Be prepared for them to reject your dispute, have your documentation ready and be also prepared to contact them directly. Google appears as if they are weighting things heavily in favor copyright claimants and in this case copyright squatters.

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