How to block referrer spam screenshot (live)

The guide on this webpage will help you block referrer spam in Google Analytics and block referral traffic with your .htacess file.

What is is a referrer spam (referral spam) website that intends to acquire website traffic and create backlinks by clogging up your website’s analytical information. referral spam usually visits single webpages with high or suspicious amounts of traffic.

Referral spam is mostly harmless to a website, but it does raise many concerns and can mess up Google Analytics data and other analytic website measurements, as well as use up a website’s bandwidth.

Referrer spam can also be used to boost a spam website’s appearance on search engine results pages. It does this by logging entries into your website’s access log, which Google sees as a backlink to the spam URL from your website. also engages in additional spam tactics. For example, the have created a Twitter account (Lost Press Advice – @lostpress) which is used to automatically spam every post on Twitter that discusses referral traffic and referrer spam with their own misleading guides to block referrer spam.

How to block referrer spam

There are several options to block referrer spam. One way is to create a filter in your Google Analytics account so that won’t appear as a referral website. The other way is to block referrer spam at it’s source using your .htacess file. To block referrer spam please view the guide below:

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