Crocodile at Channel Island Harbor Oxnard, California (Hoax)

A Facebook hoax claims that an alligator or crocodile was spotted swimming through Channel Island Harbor Oxnard, California with a dog in its mouth. The actual video shows a crocodile with a dog in its mouth, but the voice was edited in to make the incident seem like it happened in Oxnard, California.

This did not happen. This has been fully researched as a hoax. The video footage is real but a mans voice was edited into the video telling his friends to check out an “alligator” next to his boat in Channel Islands.

The “Crocodile at Channel Island Harbor Oxnard, California” hoax is harmless and very common. It seems to have been manufactured by a man who purely seeks attention and to dupe his friends on Facebook; However, the content has almost 2,000 shares on the social network and other people may eventually use the video for malicious purposes.

This hoax hits close to home for us, since… well, we live in Ventura County. We have seen numerous Facebook friends share the video of the crocodile in Channel Islands and we want to put a stop to it. Sharing false information does not do anyone any good.


Went down to clean the boat today with Richie out of the blues look what the hell we seen @ Channel Island Harbor Oxnard, California – splendidly marvelous

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