Facebook Scam: Doran Foster like-farming scam

A Facebook page for a fake person named Doran Foster claims that Facebook users can win money for liking his posts, sharing his posts, liking his page, and commenting on his posts. This is completely false. This is a typical like-farming scam that uses false information and proactive content to acquire Facebook likes and possibly phish personal information.

The Doran Foster Facebook scam is designed to gather Facebook likes for his page and Facebook pages that he advertises, most likely for marketing purposes and web traffic. Like-farming Facebook scams are usually harmless; However, many users are now reporting that profiles associated with like-farming scams such as the Facebook profiles and pages of Aaron Simon and Jordan Embry will send them private messages, or even call them at home telling them that they won. The fake Facebook user will then ask victims of the scam to send them an advanced payment or for more personal information to receive the winnings.

The Doran Foster Facebook page seems to be a Facebook page that wishes to share viral web content. The Doran Foster scam is designed to gather more views for the potential viral content using unethical and dishonest marketing tactics and techniques.

In conclusion, if you notice a post by Doran Foster claiming that you can win a certain amount of money, ignore it. Report it to Facebook if you wish! These types of scams do not do anyone any good.


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Doran Foster facebook scam

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  1. And estaily is a fake contest sure who doesn't want its gravy train interrupted…so no, Phishlist isn't fake. As evidenced by the now closed down scamming sites all listed in its pages!

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