Email Scam: Get $50 In Gifts From Sam’s Club

Fraudulent email messages masquerading as Sam’s Club claim that recipients can earn $50 to Sam’s Club by completing a quiz or survey in order to phish personal information. The “Get $50 In Gifts From Sam’s Club” is a fraudulent email message that has no connection to the membership-only retail warehouse Sam’s Club.

The “Get $50 In Gifts From Sam’s Club” email is essentially designed to trick victims into completing online surveys. Victims who complete the survey will not earn $50 to Sam’s Club and information provided to the surveys will be used for a variety of unknown marketing purposes. This can result in email spam, junk mail, and telephone calls from unknown organizations and individuals.

If you have received the “Get $50 In Gifts From Sam’s Club” email make sure to avoid clicking any provided links and delete the message.

Get $50 In Gifts From Sam’s Club
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  1. They called me 3 times because i didnt have a preload card # to give them for shipping and handling one number said from Kansas

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