Email Scam: The dirty little secret about your iPhone….

Beware of an email scam designed to spread malware and direct users to questionable websites. This email scam usually sends emails with a subject that says “The dirty little secret about your iPhone” and claims to contain insider news about the Apple iPhone.

The email content usually contains malicious links that when clicked by the user may initiate an automatic attack or simply direct users to very suspicious websites that should not be trusted. In some cases these websites host malware and in other cases the website may be designed to collect personal user data by providing malicious surveys or fraudulent social media log in pages.

In conclusion if you have received an email with the subject “The dirty little secret about your iPhone” (or similar) it is recommend to delete it. Do not click any links and simply ignore the fraudulent message because there is no real news provided by this email spam message. The email message is a click-bait scam.



There’s a dirty little secret that the smartphone industry, and Apple in particular, don’t want you to know, yet many insider will admit this fact when pressed.

And that secret is…

That iPhone you purchased was never made, developed, or fashioned for you.

That is, YOU are not the target market Apple had in mind when they designed the iPhone.

Let me ask you a question…

Do you have iMessage turned on on your iPhone? Do you even know what the iMessage function is, and how it can let you send text messages for free?

Do you know how to edit photos and videos right on your iPhone or do you just the send them to your friends and family “as is” and let them know how technology illiterate you are?

Okay, here’s a little fact that may or may not surprise you:

You probably have no idea what I was just talking about above, but let me tell you, you’re not alone. Apple designed the iPhone for the techy gurus and twenty-something hipsters. It’s true, that’s why they didn’t even include a manual with your iPhone.

Fortunately, there is a resource out there that has helped thousands of people just like you get the most out of their iPhone.

You might as well, right? I mean the phone itself cost you $200 and now you pay over $100 a month toward your monthly cell phone bill. That’s a lot of money to be throwing away every month for something you don’t know how to use.

My friend Andrew created over 40 step-by-step videos explaining in great detail how to use every feature of the iPhone. The videos were originally created for his parents, but now have been used by people all over the world.

Click here

Just think of how much better you would feel if you knew you were using your iPhone to the fullest. You’d feel like you were getting your money’s worth that your already spending every month.

Anyway, I thought this was something that might interest you.

Go ahead and check it out here…

Talk to you soon,

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