Expiring Soon: Your $50 Sam’s Club Reward

If you have received email spam with subject “Expiring Soon: Your $50 Sam’s Club Reward” from senderSam’s Club Members” (or other) delete it immediately. This email spam message can be deceitful and harmful to your computer and privacy.

The email is associated with a survey-scam website that is essentially used to phish the information you submit. The survey will as you various questions and will then attempt to acquire your contact information. You will not obtain a $50 Sam’s Club reward if you submit your information to the survey(s).

Content from the email is listed below:

Expiring Soon: Your $50 Sam's Club Reward
From	Sam's Club Members

Sam's Club
Computer |	Luxury Beauty |	Kids`s Brands

Your latest activity qualifies you to a new promotional gift.

Print Your $50 Voucher
Only until 08.03.2017. (See Details)


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