Facebook Scam: $1,500 Qantas voucher to fly anywhere in Australia

Beware of a Facebook scam that uses a fake Qantas Facebook page and posts messages claiming a person can get a “$1,500 Qantas voucher to fly anywhere in Australia.” These messages are not associated with Qantas and are designed to trick Facebook users into clicking malicious and suspicious links.

fake qantas voucher scam

Once a link or promoted webpage is visited, a user’s Facebook profile may become hijacked, a computer system may become infected with malware, or a web user may be directed to a survey website designed to collect manually submitted information.

These scams are very common and many people are duped by the fake Qantas scam. As previously mentioned, these messages are not associated with Qantas, therefor Qantas is NOT giving away a $1,500 voucher.


It’s a huge day at Qantas as we have officially seated over 20 million passengers since 2013. To celebrate this accomplishment we will be giving away 25 $1500 AUD Qantas Travel Vouchers to you the fans!

To win just Share this photo…
Then claim your voucher here:

$1,500 Qantas voucher to fly anywhere in Australia!


If your Facebook account has been affected by this scam or if you feel your computer is infected with malware please see the recommended steps below.

*If you have provided your email address, telephone number, and home address to the fraudulent surveys it is likely that you will receive unwanted email spam, telephone calls, and junk mail at home. In order to disable this occurrence it is recommended to take the necessary steps and safety precautions introduced by your email service, telephone provider, and mail carrier.

  • Change your Facebook password (located in your Facebook Settings) and make sure to log out of every device when prompted to.

remove Facebook app

  • Remove suspicious Facebook Apps (Settings > Apps).
  • If you believe your computer is infected with malware we recommend to download and install reputable Anti-Malware software such as Malwarebytes Anti-Malware. Once installed, update the software, and run a scan for malicious files. *This software is available free or as a full version and can block malicious websites in real-time.

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