Facebook Scam: Adam Harper public figure

Adam Harper is one of the latest fake Facebook public figures that is involved in very severe internet scams and fraud. The Adam Harper Facebook page is used to like-farm unsuspecting Facebook users by claiming to be a “multimillionaire hedge fund owner & founder” who is give away large amounts of cash and other prizes such as cars if Facebook users follow instructions on his posts. He often asks Facebook users to like and share specific posts, like and share the Adam Harper Facebook page, visit a third-party website, and comment “done.” However, Adam Harper is not giving away cash or other prizes. The people or person behind the fake Facebook page are simply targeting users for various scams and advance-free fraud.

The Adam Harper Facebook page will contact people who follow his instructions and will claim that they have won cash and other prizes. The catch is that the Facebook user must first send Adam Harper (or whoever it is) money in advance. He often calls this a “clearance fee.” Once the Facebook user sends Adam Harper cash the Adam Harper Facebook name might change, the victim will become banned from commenting on the Adam Harper Facebook page, and the victim will ultimately lose money.

One Facebook users who fell for this scam claimed that she paid the person (or people), was told to wait in a location, but no one ever arrived.

adam harper facebook scam

This fake Facebook page is involved with advance fee fraud that has been going on with accounts similar to Adam Harper’s for many years. The people or person (who we suspect is really named Jordan Embry) has many Facebook pages that perform these same types of scams including Alex BronsonAden SimonJordan EmbryAubrey Harper, Preston ParkerJonathan Embry, Doran Foster, and many more. New Facebook pages pop-up everyday!

A simple way to debunk the Adam Harper Facebook page is to perform a reverse image search on his images. Many of the images he posts have exact hits around the web. To put it short, none of the images or videos posted and edited by Adam Harper are his. You can perform a reverse image search on Google to confirm this by visiting, clicking Images at the top, clicking the camera icon, and selecting the image you want to look-up.

The Adam Harper like-farming scam is essentially designed to harvest more daily views for the potential viral content and Facebook page likes using unethical and dishonest marketing tactics and techniques. The more “likes” the page gets – the more legitimate it looks to some people. The people who like the fake Facebook page are then targeted by the fake page for a variety of marketing purposes and advance-fee fraud.

In conclusion, if you notice a post by Adam Harper claiming that you can win a certain amount of money, ignore it. Report it to Facebook if you wish!


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