Facebook Scam: Ash Wilson

Beaware of a Facebook scam initiated by a fake Facebook profile named Ash Wilson (

Ash Wilson is a Facebook spam account that is used to message mostly male Facebook users in order to strike up a generic conversation. Once a conversation is started by Ash Wilson, the scammer will ask the Facebook user to send her/him money, or visit a website in order to submit a vote for a fake modeling competition.

This fake profiles claim to enter a variety of different modeling competitions, including “best inked bikini girl 14” and many others.

i see. well i was born and raised in NY but moved here in Malibu CA now for work, so how old are you if you don't mind me asking?

lol really? youre single? i mean you're too cute to be single...haha just sayin well me ive been a long time single .. ex cheated on me his a marine deployed in japan then he found a sushi eating bitch there lmao!

well yeah IT SUCKS BUT IM FINE NOW..People change, things go wrong, shit happens,. but life goes on right??

what do u do for work btw?

thats cool! sounds like a good gig for u ha well me I work with a health n wellness company as a fitness instructor and i also do tattoo/bikini modeling. I pretty much go around and speak to groups of people

yea haha i work for Malibu Fitness, hbu?

cool so what u up to right now? hope i didnt bugged you at all, and hope you dont mind talkin to new ppl like me wahaha

oh i see, me im just layin in my bed right now, thinking of something to eat haha kinda starving eeh btw would u mind if i ask a lil help from u??

hmm well heres the story, i joined a competition for the FlazhBendz Photography Inked Bikini Girl '14, i hope u dont mind if i ask u a vote?

Ash Wilson model scam

lol thanks u just need to get ur voting id first coz it's limited only, get it here: just read the instruction on the note posted there and click the link when ure ready..okay?

btw ull be redirected to our sponsor site named CasualDates, its b'coz the event coordinator generated it as the event sponsor site for you to have the ID and the FORMS there are not for you to to subscribe to the site but for you to fill out the necessary info needed for your ID to be generated so you can vote for my entry.. ^^

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  1. Anonymous on said:

    Christine morris is another fake profile on FB using this same scam. She claims to be from Brooklyn NY. Thanks for posting this. She asked if I got my voter I’d yet by filling in all my information and asked what page I was at so I sent her this page link and said is this the page I’m supposed to be on and she/he blocked me. Hahaja

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