Facebook Scam: Jonathan Embry giveaways

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    • Anonymous

      Why is facebook allowing it?

  • Anonymous

    Why. Hasn’t it been removed by facebook? Its all over facebook. Why isn’t something being done about there posts? Its. Fake but still being allowed

  • Jillian Leffler

    He is contacting me now and wants me to pay $199.00 to a lady names Kathleen See in Akron Ohio. He wants me to transfer the money Walmart to Walmart to this person who is supposed to be a merchant banker for the irs. He claims that he will personally deliver my $100000 and new car by 11 am and that he is in Ohio. Exact verbiage “okay the reason why i have contacted you is because you have won yourself 100,000 dollars and a brand new car !!!!” He included a picture of a concept car. He wanted to know if I had a valid bank account for my check and that I need to keep my business private.

  • Yep! It’s a scam! 9/12/2015 I was informed that I won 950,000 dollars by so called Johnathan Embry. He friended me on Facebook, gave me contact info for his good friend so called john Weguelin supposedly the Chief executive director of zenith bank in London (also fake). These guys draw people in by pretending to be Christian and pretending to help people. Now I can’t access any of their pages and they have a new face and name up showing all the same pics and saying the same things, his name is Gage something. Take my advice and stay clear and ignore these idiots. What alet down. I hope they get these guys soon. Jerks!!!!

  • Michael eaton

    Yes I was duped with the same scam.

  • Anonymous

    Something needs to be done about this mess and others like him or her or whatever….There are so many of us who are truly in need ….it’s a shame people are so insincere and worst of all think it’s funny!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Well I guess I got taken also was told I was getting 950,000 transferred to me but said I didn’t have money to pay transfer permit so was.told it will be transferd for no money from me??

  • Anonymous

    I was pocked to receive 1.5 million dollars and I would have a package with 2spicel gifts along with my check for 1.5 million dollars in 2 or 3 days haha he’s a fake 100%a sick fagget in lives worms he’s a piece of shit

  • Anonymous

    U can reach him at 8103566660 or813-344-0054 everyone should call him and give him shit thank u

  • Clint Martinez

    I won a million dollars and a luxury travel trailer. All I have to do is send 199.99 dollars. Lmao! I really think he believes that I will send it…