Facebook Scam: OMG! private video!

If you receive a Facebook message that says something similar to OMG! private video! and claims to contain a link or file of a private video make sure to ignore it. Facebook profiles around the world have become infected with malware and viruses because of similar message. These fake Facebook messages attempt to persuade victims to click malicious links in order to spread malicious files across the computer.

This Facebook scam has the potential to hijack Facebook accounts in order to spam malicious messages to the affected user’s friends. The scam may send messages via Facebook Chat to the hacked account user’s friends in order to seem legitimate.

Additional message:

OMG!......kzovexnipb6 private video! BIT.LY


If your Facebook account has been affected by this scam please see the recommended steps below.

  • Change your Facebook password (located in your Facebook Settings) and make sure to log out of every device when prompted to.

remove Facebook app

  • Remove suspicious Facebook Apps (Settings > Apps).
  • If you believe your computer is infected with malware we recommend to download and install reputable Anti-Malware software such as Malwarebytes Anti-Malware. Once installed, update the software, and run a scan for malicious files. *This software is available free or as a full version.

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