Facebook Scam: Preston Parker giveaways

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    • Anonymous

      Yes and i have been complaing about numerous people sending me freind requests from woman freebies but they’re page us still up!! Wtf

    • Kristy

      Before you call people dumb, you may want to check your spelling! It’s “there are” not “their are”! Lol. “Their” shows possession.

      • Anonymous

        Lol love it

  • I knew it!!!

  • I sent them this scam page several times. They blocked me now. Giving all these people false hope of some greatness, sickens me. Wont Facebook please shut it down? They have almost 200,000 followers. Sad , sad.

    • kelly

      I wish I knew how to put a link in the comment’s to show ppl abt this working on a smart phone I want to try and shut him down what he’s doing is so wrong

    • Anonymous


      • Anonymous

        You are dumb if you thought instant riches would come your way just by liking, sharing and commenting ‘done’……lmao

  • Beware please

    • Sally Forth

      Vivian, it is okay to hope. It is what makes people truly be grateful, if we know people are there are good at heart. It is sad that the evil ones of this world prey on that hope. It is great that you shared, perhaps others will come here and read this article, and comments so they stop spreading the lies.

  • Sally Forth

    I once signed up for work from home on a website about 10 years ago. I already had a two jobs, and I still couldn’t pay my mortgage. After applying online, I received a $3000 check from New York City, with my first assignment, telling me to cash it, and show them how I could buy office supplies, put a $200 downpayment on business cards, and only spend $500. But the first thing they asked me to do is send them back $2000.00 via money order before the assignment can begin. I know so many people that would have fallen for it. I knew it was shady, but I called the bank the check was issued in, and read the numbers to the person on the phone. She told me 100% certain that it was a fake account, and if I took it to my bank, they would cash it, and then once the bank figured out it was fake, they would charge ME the $3000, and fees. I respect people that want to believe in the good of people. Just be careful. Always take care of yourself by taking a step back, doing the research. Protect your family from bad people that just want to tug on your emotions to fraud you.

  • Anonymous

    WOW, I didn’t have a clue such things were going on!!! Thanks so much for the info!!!

  • Anonymous

    Damn! I could have used the money… Sunsabitches anyway…

  • Anonymous

    Lol I fell for it too until I listen to one of his videos and he stated his real name wasn’t Preston Parker then I knew something was wrong why would you give a fake name

  • Mark

    Asshole just got my aunt friend request and told her she won 3million an 50k a month for life Facebook needs to be held accountable they have all my aunts banking info. Sadest part is she would have given it all away

  • He didn’t get caught he goes by paul parkersons and and paul parker and other name