Facebook Scam: Rayban Sunglasses Sale – Save 90% Payment Currency $ £ €

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  • Here is the Dirt Bags Email

    he Writes
    dear friend
    thanks for your feedback
    i’m your service customer , so sorry to bring you lots of inconviences , i just check your order , the courier company tell me your items are in transit ,don’t worry ,it will reach in your country soon ,best regards
    Any questions, please feel free to contact us
    samjarry <samjarry@hotmail.com

  • Anonymous

    How to get the money back?

    • Anonymous

      so money was taken out of your account ?

      • yes i got 5 pairs and they were suppose to be deliver today and never received anything and i want my money back.

        • grant

          I ended up doing the same thing too. is there a solution for this??

  • I ordered 5 weeks ago . Used credit card . Nothing yet in mail . Wanted for Father’s Day . Ciociola is last name . Check my order or I’ll calling credit card company

  • Sanaya

    Did anyone receive their cheap knockoffs?

  • Teddy

    Had my cheap knockoffs ! So angry that they used charity to fool people!

  • Anonymous

    I was charged and received knoick offs that stink like spray paint. My bank reported the scam, c!closed my card and refunded me. They said it was from Beijing and was a scasm

    • Anonymous

      Did they try and reverse the charge again as you’ve received the goods??

    • NB

      Hi.. I didn’t know it was spam.. I just ordered and can’t even find the site on my mobile.. any idea how I can cancel my order???

    • Sorry to hear about that. I would recommend to contact your bank in order to file a claim against this charge. Explain what happened to them and try to get them to reverse the charge.

      To answer your question: It depends. Sometimes they send you fake sunglasses and other times they do not send you anything at all.

      Good luck!

  • Happened to me yesterday too. Clicked on FB ad, made purchase, then started to get suspicious. So I cancelled my credit card, filed a fraud report and changed my email and FB passwords. I hope the authorities bust them before they can hurt anyone further.

  • Anonymous

    I’m not sure yet I purchased a pair of raybans last week for my partner and I can’t even contact the seller wtf!!!!!!

  • Enn

    Is the one happening now legit???