Facebook Scam: Rayban Sunglasses Sale – Save 90% Payment Currency $ £ €

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  1. BE AWARE!!!Facebook SCAM: Rayban Sunglasses Sale – Save 90% Payment Currency $ £ €

  2. BE AWARE!!!Facebook SCAM: Rayban Sunglasses Sale – Save 90% Payment Currency $ £ €

  3. Here is the Dirt Bags Email

    he Writes
    dear friend
    thanks for your feedback
    i’m your service customer , so sorry to bring you lots of inconviences , i just check your order , the courier company tell me your items are in transit ,don’t worry ,it will reach in your country soon ,best regards
    Any questions, please feel free to contact us
    samjarry <samjarry@hotmail.com

  4. Anonymous says:

    How to get the money back?

  5. Diana Hamm says:

    BEWARE its circulating

  6. Diana Hamm says:

    BEWARE its circulating

  7. I ordered 5 weeks ago . Used credit card . Nothing yet in mail . Wanted for Father’s Day . Ciociola is last name . Check my order or I’ll calling credit card company

  8. Bec Boyden says:

    Money has been taken from my account today from "Covered with Chop" and it's more than even what the
    "sale price" is online. This is a definite SCAM.

  9. Sanaya says:

    Did anyone receive their cheap knockoffs?

  10. Teddy says:

    Had my cheap knockoffs ! So angry that they used charity to fool people!

  11. Anonymous says:

    I was charged and received knoick offs that stink like spray paint. My bank reported the scam, c!closed my card and refunded me. They said it was from Beijing and was a scasm

  12. If they're prepared to hack an account to peddle their fake goods just think what they'll do with your payment card details…

  13. Why isn't Facebook blocking this app

  14. Danny Muder says:

    This outfit is in Bejing China. Do not buy!!!!

  15. Toni Waho says:

    I got scammed…$104NZD grrrrr! What can I do? Nothing I guess…the link came to me on facebook from a cousin who is a lawyer…could be his facebook page was hijacked to release the fraudulent offer

  16. Toni Waho says:

    all i have is sandy brown shop beijing china…damn that is angering

    • NB says:

      Hi.. I didn’t know it was spam.. I just ordered and can’t even find the site on my mobile.. any idea how I can cancel my order???

  17. Deon Redbird says:

    beware of Facebook scam: Rayban Sunglasses Sale. My credit card was charged a completely different amount and actually from a completely different company (Curlysues).

  18. i feel stupid!! they got me too!! do you even get the fake glasses? or is it just something you have to take a $100 loss?

    • PhishList says:

      Sorry to hear about that. I would recommend to contact your bank in order to file a claim against this charge. Explain what happened to them and try to get them to reverse the charge.

      To answer your question: It depends. Sometimes they send you fake sunglasses and other times they do not send you anything at all.

      Good luck!

  19. This happened to me as well. What did you do afterwards?

  20. ispy says:

    Happened to me yesterday too. Clicked on FB ad, made purchase, then started to get suspicious. So I cancelled my credit card, filed a fraud report and changed my email and FB passwords. I hope the authorities bust them before they can hurt anyone further.

  21. Anonymous says:

    I’m not sure yet I purchased a pair of raybans last week for my partner and I can’t even contact the seller wtf!!!!!!

  22. Enn says:

    Is the one happening now legit???

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