Fake GoDaddy “Upgrade Now” emails lead to phishing attack

Fake GoDaddy email messages that attempt to phish your GoDaddy username, customer number, and password are currently in circulation. The emails are currently targeting past and current GoDaddy customers. The email messages claim to be sent from GoDaddy. The message will recommend that you upgrade your account by clicking an “UPGRADE NOW” button. If you click the button you will be directed to a malicious phishing website that looks like a legitimate GoDaddy login page. The login page is not associated with GoDaddy and is used to phish your GoDaddy account information.

godaddy phishing attack

If you believe that your GoDaddy account has been compromised we suggest that you immediately change your GoDaddy password and contact GoDaddy.


Mail box !
From GoDaddy
Dear Customer,
Due to recent upgrade in our server.We recommend that you upgrade your account to avoid your service being interrupted.


Thank you for being a GoDaddy customer. We’re available 24-7 to help you with any questions


The Web-Based Email Team

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