File: 3C610D67C (Email Scam)

If you received an email with File: 3C610D67C as the subject that contains an attachment file named 3C610D67C.docm do not open it. Delete this email immediately. This email is associated with ransomware that will encrypt the files on your computer and append them with a .zepto file extension name.


The attached file is a malicious exploit that will install ransomware on your computer once it has been downloaded. The file is disguised as Microsoft Word text file; However, the file contains no readable text.

Once the malware is executed it will encrypt your computer files, give them a new extension name, leave ransom notes on your computer in .txt and .html files, and sometimes change your desktop background to a ransom note.

The ransomware will demand a payment in order to decrypt your files. It is not recommended to pay for the decryptor. Instead, experts suggest to use reputable tools to recover your files and remove the malware from your computer.

Subject: File: 3C610D67C
From:	[Your Email Address]
To:	[Your Email Address]
Attachment: 3C610D67C.docm

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