Free Range Rover 4WD (Facebook Scam)

There are a lot of free Range Rover 4WD Facebook scams circulating on the social network. The free Range Rover 4WD Facebook scams use deceptive Facebook pages that masquerade as the Land Rover company or Range Rover 4WD community. The fake Range Rover 4WD Facebook pages usually falsely claim that they are giving away a free Range Rover 4WD vehicle, but this is not true. The Range Rover 4WD Facebook pages are not actually linked to the Land Rover company and no one will receive a free Range Rover 4WD by following steps provided by the Facebook pages.

Range Rover 4WD scam

The free Range Rover 4WD Facebook scam is a like-farming scam and survey-scam designed to gather Facebook likes and to direct Facebook users to fraudulent online surveys which are used to phish manually submitted personal information, such as full names, email addresses, telephone number, home addresses, genders, and more.

Once the scam artists behind the Range Rover 4WD Facebook scams have gathered personal information about a person they can use it for a variety of marketing purposes. Those who provide their personal details can expect a large amount of email spam, junk mail at home, and telephone calls from telemarketers and other suspicious callers.

Range Rover 4WD

Range Rover Facebook scams are extremely common. If search for the term “Range Rover 4WD” on Facebook you will be able to locate many similar scams and deceptive Facebook communities devoted to scamming Facebook users.

free Range Rover 4WD facebook scam

The scam usually works by tricking Facebook users into believing that they can win a free Range Rover 4WD. The fake Range Rover 4WD Facebook pages will publish dishonest Facebook posts that contain instructions on how to win a free Range Rover 4WD. The instructions usually state that a Facebook user must like the Facebook page, like the Facebook post, comment what color they want on the post, and share the post. A person who is duped by this scam will follow instructions and share the post and the scam will be advertised to more people. The Facebook pages may also ask users to visit third-party webpages to complete the process.

In the end, no one will receive a free Range Rover 4WD vehicle and the Range Rover 4WD Facebook page will continue to scam more Facebook users using the same posts, often only changing the date winners will be selected.

Free Range Rover 4WD (Example)

Range Rover 4WD.
For the FIRST time in facebook history we are giving away 2 Range Rovers to two winners that we will select on June 26 2015 completely at random.

Would you like to join this amazing giveaway for a chance to own a brand new Range? Simply follow the steps below to enter the competition :

Step 1) Likes this Page
Step 2) Like this Post
Step 3) Comment which color you want. (Black or Red)
Step 4) Share on your wall

The winners will be messaged via inbox message

Good Luck

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