FW: Invoice #680630-2016-03

email scam warningEMAIL SCAM WARNING: Email scams are designed to phish personal information, persuade users to download malicious email attachments, direct users to webpages that host malware, potentially unwanted programs, and intrusive browser extensions that inject advertisements into the webpages you visit, and trick users to register for or purchase various products and services.


An email with the subject FW: Invoice #680630-2016-03 (or other) contains a malicious attachment named (or other). The FW: Invoice #680630-2016-03 email message is designed to persuade victims to download a malicious email attachment that contains a malicious payload.

In order to remove malware from your computer we recommend to scan your computer using Malwarebytes Anti-Malware software.


FW: Invoice #680630-2016-03
From Melva Key
Dear [name removed],

Please see attached (scanned document) file for your invoice.

Thank you for your business

Melva Key
Sales Manager

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