SCAM ALERT: Get 5 Free MARLBORO cigarette cartons

Get 5 Free MARLBORO cigarette cartons to celebrate 100th Anniversary

Facebook posts circulating on the social network claim that you can “get 5 Free MARLBORO cigarette cartons to celebrate 100th Anniversary” by completing a survey and sharing the survey to your Facebook friends.

Get 5 Free MARLBORO cigarette cartons to celebrate 100th Anniversary


Get 5 Free MARLBORO cigarette cartons to celebrate 100th Anniversary!
Per Person – (5) Claim now!

This is a Facebook survey-scam that is designed to phish your personal information and take control of your Facebook account in order to post and message on your behalf.

This type of scam has been around for a very long time. It is one of the most popular Facebook scams on Facebook. The synopsis of the scam will change over time. For example, a similar scam might claim that you can get 2 free cartons of Marlboro cigarettes.

The scam is usually spread by Facebook users who share the information in a new post or message. Some Facebook accounts can become compromised by manual share web attacks that take over their Facebook accounts and post the content or message the content on their behalf.

Why are survey-scams dangerous?

Survey-scams associated with Facebook are dangerous for many reasons. Many survey-scam websites will contain hidden script that allows them to perform a manual share web attack. The attack is capable of hijacking Facebook accounts that are currently logged into the same computer. In many cases, the attack will install a rogue Facebook app that can manually be removed by the account’s owner once located by going to Settings > Apps.

Once a culprit has access to the Facebook account they can use the account to post on the owner’s behalf, comment, share content, send messages to friends and other people, like malicious content, and collect as much information about the victim and their friends and family members as they can.

The information collected by these types of survey-scams are used for a variety of purposes and is often sold and shared with numerous parties. Victims may get calls from scam artists, robocallers, fake pharmacies, and more. They may also receive unsolicited mail at home and unwanted email messages.

To make matters worse, information such as banking details, credit card information, and other can be obtain by various survey-scams via a hijacked Facebook account.

What to do if you fell for a scam

If you fell for a survey-scam like this it is recommended to immediately locate and remove rogue Facebook apps, change your password, and log your account out of other locations. You should also scan your computer with Antivirus or Antimalware software such as Malwarebytes to eradicate malware and other malicious trace files and website data from your computer.

If your account shared content without your permission make sure to remove the content from your Facebook account in order to stop the scam from spreading to your friends, family, and other people.

To ensure the safety of your bank or credit details it is suggested to contact your bank or credit card company to receive more instructions.

How to uninstall rogue Facebook apps

1. Sign into your Facebook account and go to Settings > Apps.

2. Hover your mouse over the rogue Facebook app and click the X to remove it. If you cannot find a rogue Facebook app it is likely that a rogue Facebook app was not installed. Scan your computer for malware with Malwarebytes to ensure no malware has infiltrated your computer system.

How to change your Facebook password

1. Sign into your Facebook account and go to Settings > Security and Login.

2. This page will tell you where your account is logged in. To change your password select Change password, type your current password, and type your new password twice.

3. Click Save Changes.

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