Get 5 Free MARLBORO cigarette cartons (Scam)

Get 5 Free MARLBORO cigarette cartons to celebrate 100th Anniversary by completing surveys and sharing a Facebook post


Claim: Facebook posts circulating on the social network claim that you can “get 5 Free MARLBORO cigarette cartons to celebrate 100th Anniversary” by completing a survey and sharing the survey to your Facebook friends.


Get 5 Free MARLBORO cigarette cartons to celebrate 100th Anniversary!
Per Person – (5) Claim now!

This is a Facebook survey-scam that is designed to phish your personal information and take control of your Facebook account in order to post and message on your behalf.

This type of scam has been around for a very long time. It is one of the most popular Facebook scams on Facebook. The synopsis of the scam will change over time. For example, a similar scam might claim that you can get 2 free cartons of Marlboro cigarettes.

The scam is usually spread by Facebook users who share the information in a new post or message. Some Facebook accounts can become compromised by manual share web attacks that take over their Facebook accounts and post the content or message the content on their behalf.

What you can do

If you come across a Facebook scam like this do not like or share the content. If your friend posted this type of content make sure to let them know what what they posted is false.

If you visited a survey website associated with this scam while logged into Facebook it is recommended to change your Facebook password by going to Settings > General > Password.

change facebook password

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