Get a $100 Kroger Coupon (Facebook Scam)

Beware of the “Get a $100 Kroger Coupon” Facebook scam designed to hijack your Facebook profile and phish personal information through fake online surveys. The $100 Kroger Coupon scam claims that Kroger is giving away $100 in coupons. It will further state on the fake Kroger coupon that you can get $100 off of groceries when you spend $110 or more in one transaction.

This is not true. Kroger is not giving away $100 coupons. Kroger has even addressed this scam on their Facebook page ( saying “There is currently an unauthorized “Get $100 in Free Groceries when you spend $110 or more in one transaction” offer circulating on Facebook. This giveaway is not affiliated with or supported by the Kroger Co. We recommend not engaging with the site that the offer links to, or providing any personal information.

This scam is dangerous. It can take control of your Facebook account and it can phish your personal information if you participate in the fake survey. Furthermore, the links provided by this scam may also direct you to websites that host malware.

Get a $100 Kroger Coupon facebook scam

Once someone clicks a link provided by the “$100 Kroger Coupon” scam post on Facebook they will be directed to a suspicious website that claims Facebook users can get $100 to Kroger if they follow simple steps. The steps are to share the page on Facebook and to comment on the page saying “Thanks.” However, this is not going to help you receive a free $100 Kroger Coupon. It is simply a ploy used to get you to share this nonsense with your Facebook friends.

Clicking the links provided by the $100 Kroger Coupon scam will also initiate an automatic web attack known as a Facebook Manual Share Web Attack. These type of web attacks are capable of automatically taking control of your Facebook account. Once the scammers have control of your Facebook account they can use it to post on your behalf, which is how this scam is often spread. They can also garnish information about you and your friends for other purposes.

The links may also direct you to survey-scam websites which have been produced to gather your personal information. The surveys may ask for information such as your email address, age,  name, telephone number, home address, and more. If you provide the fake survey with this information you can expect excessive amounts of email spam messages, mail at home, and telephone calls from telemarketers and scam artists.

These types of scams are very common. There have been many fake retail store, grocery store, restaurant, and gas station coupon and gift card giveaways conducted by scam artists, including a $200 Home Depot Coupon scam that is very similar to this one.

If you see posts on Facebook claiming that you can get a “$100 Kroger Coupon” do not click any links and warn your friend who may have been compromised by this scam.

“Get a $100 Kroger Coupon” Example

Kroger is giving away $100 in Coupons! Get Yours Now!
Get a $100 Kroger Coupon!

Happy Father’s Day! Get Your $100 Kroger Coupon!
Get a $100 Kroger Coupon!


If your Facebook account has been affected by this scam or if you feel your computer is infected with malware please see the recommended solutions below. *If you have provided your email address, telephone number, and home address to the fraudulent applications and/or online surveys it is likely that you will receive unwanted email spam, telephone calls, and junk mail at home. In order to disable this occurrence it is recommended to take the necessary steps and safety precautions introduced by your email service, telephone provider, and mail carrier.

  • Remove suspicious Facebook Apps (Settings > Apps).

remove Facebook app

  • Change your Facebook password (located in your Facebook Settings) and make sure to log out of every device when prompted to. This will stop unauthorized access to your account.
  • If you believe your computer is infected with malware we recommend to download and install reputable Anti-Malware software such as Malwarebytes Anti-Malware. Once installed, update the software, and run a scan for malicious files. *This software is available free or as a full version and can block malicious websites in real-time.

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