Gwen Stefani fired from The Voice (Hoax)

The Gwen Stefani fired from The Voice hoax was first published by satire web publications and made it’s way into malicious email spam. There are several Gwen Stefani fired hoaxes. The first Gwen Stefani fired hoax published by satire websites claims that Gwen Stefani was fired from The Voice for complaining about getting hit on by Blake Shelton. The hoax claims that she was offended by his “flirty” comments. The second Gwen Stefani fired hoax is usually spread through email spam and it claims that Gwen Stefani dropped 40 pounds and never ate healthy.

The Gwen Stefani fired hoaxes are not true. Gwen Stefani was not fired from the hit television show The Voice. According to legitimate resources, Gwen Stefani was on The Voice for one full season to fill in for Christina Aguilera while she was gone. Singer and songwritter Sharkia also filled in for a season. The reports claim that the executives for the television show always knew that Christina would be coming back.

Various reports also state that Gwen Stefani will return to coach in the future and that the television show was a launching pad for her career and that she is going to do more fashion, music, and other ventures.

It should be warned that email spam containing information about this are potentially malicious and designed to phish personal information. They may contain links that launch automatic web attacks or direct users to websites that host malware or contain malicious advertisements.

Most satire websites who have published this nonsense are harmless. However, satire web publications may contain malicious advertisements due to their monetization platforms. Websites that routinely publish utterly false information are usually not interested in legitimate and non-aggressive advertising platforms to earn a revenue.

Some satire web publications fabricate false and provocative information to generate revenue through cost-per-click advertisements. The more traffic they get, the higher their impressions are. The more clicks the advertisements get, the more money they can generate by duping internet users.


It would seem that after an awkward debut season of The Voice that Gwen Stefani is never going to be invited back to the show. Call it fired, replaced or passed over — according to the latest gossip news updates, Gwen will reportedly be forced to step aside next year to let Christina Aguilera return to her rightful place as one of the original TV show’s coaches. Word has it that Gavin Rossdale’s wife has alienated her cast mates by betraying their trust and talking about them behind their backs. But rumor has it that could be no worse than how uncomfortable, Blake Shelton, who is married to Miranda Lambert, makes the No Doubt “Hollaback Girl” with all his flirty comments.

Gwen Stefani fired from THE VOICE
From Kennedy
Gwen Stefani Off As Judge On The Voice
Announced March 26
Removed for dropping over 40lbs-this season – Her physical appearance has changed drastically

NBC’s The Voice Reports Here

She never ate healthy or worked out yet her career may be over for hiding this

She got caught doing this

Gwen Stefani fired from The Voice (Hoax)

(2) Photographs Show The Criminal Acts

If you do not watch the voice then you may have no interest in this further. Please tell me right (now) and this does not happen again
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