Hoax: After Nearly 18 Years, Tupac Shakur Now 43, Comes Out Of Hiding!

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9 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    omg this shit fake asssss fuck

  2. Anonymous says:

    Why would stupid people do that ? Tupac does have real fans who want him alive and y’all publish fake stuff , this needs to stop !!

  3. Anonymous says:

    This fake as shot all y’all

  4. anonymous says:

    He has a girlfriend who goes to eat on skidrow and he has the nerve to be jealous because other men like her,she missing out on someone to treat her right the poor girl is in pain out their walking around down on skidrow,she said that her son, just will not help her buy groceries.and she has been taking care of him,so now he is older, he just won’t get it right so she can buy food,

  5. willissa says:

    I don’t care about the thinking of people, I just do what god leads me and if i have to go to skidrow to eat it’s fine, I prepare myself that my dreams are not coming. All I need is god and Jesus I’m not thinking about where I was supposed to been Since last week,I just stopped worrying about this person not trusting me. He making some people laugh at me being fans on Facebook,He letting people mess us up I’ve been around 10 yrs and did nothing wrong, there will not be no more comments to show so he can delete because he not trusting.Thats it. So the fans, the girls,the ladies can say I love you,He my man, or what Eva. It’s ok.im going to be happy because god and Jesus loves me Amen.

  6. willissa says:

    Yea, for Soo many years, I’ve been waiting.I think about how we had no baby,I was still young enough,I was 36 years old 10 years ago.It is on my mind that he did say that he did not want anymore kids,How could a man say he wants anymore kids he have or has a girlfriend he said he loves,.this is sad.what the hell, should I not be angry or hurt? Being around 10 years was not easy.but I stayed real.

  7. willissa says:

    Oh,don’t flatter yourself laughing you ugly Jamaican woman, who had a child by Tupac.There’s nothing funny about my thinking, you don’t understand nothing.

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