(Hoax) Cross falls through roof of Adult World store

A Facebook hoax started by on their Facebook page in 2014 claims that a cross fell through an Adult World store on I-75 near the Huntsville-Oneida exit due to storm damage. The Q100 Country Facebook page has shared a photo-shopped image of the large cross through the rough of an Adult World store.

cross adult world store storm damage hoax

The story created (or suggested to be imagined) by the Q100 Country radio station on their Facebook page is not true. It’s utter nonsense. In fact, the “hoax” if you will has already been debunked by local residents who have posted their own pictures of the cross still intact.

The hoax created by Q100 Country is harmless and is simply a social media marketing scheme designed to gather traffic, views, and likes by generating provocative and shocking content. However, although this hoax (for lack of a better definition) is harmless it is still false information; or suggested to be false information, and false information does not do anyone any good. There have been many people who think that the image of the cross going through the Adult World store is real.


Haha! Here’s a pic of storm damage on I-75 near the Huntsville-Oneida exit. — with, The Lord works in mysterious ways!, God just showed his power yeah!!

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