HOAX: EDC Moving to Los Angeles for 2018

EDC Moving to Los Angeles for 2018

A prank or hoax posted on Facebook, Twitter, or Google claims that “EDC Moving to Los Angeles for 2018.” The prank was manually created by a person using a specific online prank generator on toptrend.us. The prank is not true and is supposed to be humorous to the person who created it.

you got owned

If you visit the link published by the post you will be directed to a webpage on earlyview.net that contains an image of a clown and says “You Got Owned” and “Some trolled people.”

hoax prank generator

The toptrend.us website allows anyone to create a prank and share it on Facebook, Twitter, or Google Plus. There are 3 steps to make the prank. First the user must select an image from the website or use a personal image from a URL. Then the user must fill out a subject such as “EDC Moving to Los Angeles for 2018” and a description that will be shown in the meta data of the shared post.

Once the prank is created the user can share the prank in a post with their friends on Facebook, Twitter, and Google. If one of the friends visits the link in the post they will land on a webpage on the earlyview.net domain. The prank will also remain on the website for other people to use.

The hoax or prank is harmless and the website associated with it is safe to visit. The website does not contain malicious content and the hoax is not a privacy concern.

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