Hoax: KFC serves worms with fried chicken

A hoax circulating around the web claims that KFC serves worms with fried chicken. The KFC worm hoax is spread by satire publications and groups who wish to gain attention by causing anxiety, shock, or fear. Articles and social media posts that bump the hoax often contain a picture of a price of fried chicken with worms under the skin.

The hoax is not true. KFC is not serving worms in their friend chicken and we can not find any legitimate reports of anything like this ever occurring at KFC restaurants. Furthermore, worms would not be able to survive through the cooking process.

The hoax seems to have originated in China. It has been reported that people purchase fried chicken legs and wings from KFC restaurants in China and leave the chicken sitting out for a very long time, exposing it to sunlight and unnatural scenarios. After the chicken has gone bad they will take images of the aftermath. This explains many of the pictures shared along with this hoax.

Satire web publications produce false information and provocative material in order to increase website traffic. The more website traffic a satire website gets, the more revenue they can generate from cost-per-click advertisements. Website traffic creates impressions and impressions help increase the cost of each click on an advertisements.

Although this hoax is harmless, it does not do anyone any good sharing false information and potentially causing harm to this restaurant. However, many websites that routinely publish false information do contain questionable advertisements and host malware, as well as automatic web attacks.

8 comments on “Hoax: KFC serves worms with fried chicken
  1. Anonymous on said:

    It is real I saw a photo and it could survive u just want to keep people eating worms don’t listen to them it’s not a hoax

  2. In October 2012, a family who has been to a KFC outlet in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India, witnessed something totally unexpected – worms in their fried chicken. After a brief argument with the restaurant manager, the family reported the incident to the Food Safety Authority. The Food Safety officers inspected the KFC outlet and found they did not maintain adequate sanitation guidelines. Some seized chicken was allegedly as much as five months old. The outlet was temporarily shut down and nearby KFC branches were also inspected – out of fear that the worms got into the food at a central plant in the region. The video in fact is a news report of the same.

    I managed to find an article !

  3. When you see the worm, kill them and throw away the chicken. Seeing a sick person in a combi bus should not stop you from entering another combi bus. Go to another KFC outlet and buy your chicken if a branch produce fried chicken that has worms. All the best.

  4. faris mansour on said:

    Thank you its fake im being woried im just about to order kfc and now i will not feel sick while eating it.

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