(Hoax) McDonald’s Employee Tells Boss to “P*ss Off” After Winning $362,259

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  • Mr. Ambiguity

    I figured that the story was a hoax from the get go. However… if it wasn’t a hoax, I would still make odds that he would be broke in a month or less.

  • Al Logan

    Ummm. Why am I the only one who noticed this is the same guy from the whole Chili’s cook taking shirtless picks in the kitchen story. In that one he was Justin Speekz. And this is the same damn picrure.

  • Mark Roth

    This isn’t just a hoax, it’s fraud — False information trying to get you to buy a good or service. I’m reporting it.

    • The best way to report abuse is through the websites domain register or hosting provider.

  • Anonymous

    And my dumb ass thought it was real trying to play tha game..I kick my own ass

    • Anonymous

      Wow I feel stupid I clicked on the bingo game and tried to play!! I am so stupid!!

      • Anonymous

        I played as well. Boyfriend kept telling me it was fake. I didn’t believe him.

  • Phil Roberson

    i need my money back! 🙁

  • Anonymous

    The website is down, remember if it’s too good to be true, ,, it usually is

  • Anonymous

    Someone calls you from nv number 7023590052

    • Anonymous

      They actually called me today from a 702 number wow I thought it was real smh

  • Blue Jeans

    Glad i seen this before i started playing. But i will admitt i did start to download the game. And i dont even play games!

  • Lorraine

    This is a hoax. If you gave them your credit card number, look out.

  • These dodgy gambling sites have spammed all sorts of fake news stories all over the Internet. Just to name a few..Theres one about the homeless man who won the jackpot on bingo liner and then I saw another one today about some dude who supposedly uploaded photos on social media displaying his expensive designer clothing and got robbed afterwards.

    The idiots who are creating all these hoaxes are clearly digging a hole for their own brand. Nothing earns a persons “trust” like being deceived, right? Since when did it become clever marketing to shoot yourself in the foot by discrediting your own reputation with deceitful tactics…

    Same goes for the morons who spam our inboxes using fake uncontactable emails to advertise pharmaceutical products. One of the major offenders is Canadian Pharmacy. Where is the logic in resorting to blatantly obvious fraudelent activity to entice customers to feel comfortable enough to purchase from them?

  • This is a hoax the guy in the picture is a pizza delivery driver and was tipped 700 dollars the zodiac casino stole his image