(Hoax) McDonald’s Employee Tells Boss to “P*ss Off” After Winning $362,259

An internet hoax created by a satire news publication titled “McDonald’s Employee Quits, Tells Boss to “P*ss Off” After Winning $362,259 On Lunch Break” claims that Martin Reiter who works at McDonalds in Nevada won a jackpot worth $362,259 in the matter of 5 seconds playing Bingo Liner’s “Treasures of the Pharaoh” game.

The article initially published by is entirely false. The article has been fully researched as a satire. The website even contains a disclaimer which says “this page, and any page on this website, are not to be taken literally or as a non-fiction story. This page, and the results mentioned on this page, although achievable for some, are not to be construed as the results that you may achieve on the same routine.”

There is no other news about a man named Martin Reiter. The entire story on the website has been concluded to be absolutely false. The image is actually of Justin Speekz from Florida, a wannabe rapper and ex-Chili’s cook who got fired from for taking shirtless pictures in the kitchen (

mcdonalds employee jackpot hoax

Satire websites like create publish dubious and provocative stories in order to order to cause anxiety, shock, curiosity, and fear. The more provocative the story, the more website visitors the website will attack, and with most website visitors the website can generate more revenue through cost per click advertisements it has embed. It should also be noted that this particular satire story is published on a website that offers a paid monthly subscription service and redirects users to online game websites, including a Bingo website, which is mentioned in the content of the satire story.

The satire website and websites similar to it are usually promoted through various advertising platforms embedded by third-party website owners. It may also be promoted through potentially unwanted programs and adware.

23 comments on “(Hoax) McDonald’s Employee Tells Boss to “P*ss Off” After Winning $362,259
  1. Mr. Ambiguity on said:

    I figured that the story was a hoax from the get go. However… if it wasn’t a hoax, I would still make odds that he would be broke in a month or less.

  2. Ummm. Why am I the only one who noticed this is the same guy from the whole Chili's cook taking shirtless picks in the kitchen story. In that one he was Justin Speekz. And this is the same damn picrure.

  3. Mark Roth on said:

    This isn’t just a hoax, it’s fraud — False information trying to get you to buy a good or service. I’m reporting it.

  4. Blue Jeans on said:

    Glad i seen this before i started playing. But i will admitt i did start to download the game. And i dont even play games!

  5. These dodgy gambling sites have spammed all sorts of fake news stories all over the Internet. Just to name a few..Theres one about the homeless man who won the jackpot on bingo liner and then I saw another one today about some dude who supposedly uploaded photos on social media displaying his expensive designer clothing and got robbed afterwards.

    The idiots who are creating all these hoaxes are clearly digging a hole for their own brand. Nothing earns a persons “trust” like being deceived, right? Since when did it become clever marketing to shoot yourself in the foot by discrediting your own reputation with deceitful tactics…

    Same goes for the morons who spam our inboxes using fake uncontactable emails to advertise pharmaceutical products. One of the major offenders is Canadian Pharmacy. Where is the logic in resorting to blatantly obvious fraudelent activity to entice customers to feel comfortable enough to purchase from them?

  6. Yes, it screamed bogus. I don't usually look at dribble like this, I was bored and had a look. Who tells their boss to >>>> off because they won the lottery? Wouldn't they be in a better state of mind than that?

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