How to install Windows hosts file

Windows hosts file is a Microsoft Windows text file that acts like a map for hostnames to IP addresses. If an IP address is appropriately added to Windows hosts file the IP’s associated domain name will be blocked when users attempt to access the website.

The instructions below will assist you in adding our blacklist to your Windows hosts file in order to block malicious and suspicious IP addresses and domain names found in our database.

1. windows hosts file blacklist download Download hosts .zip file.

2. Open the currently compressed hosts file: right click the downloaded file/folder and select Extract all. Choose your Desktop as the destination for the folder and file.

3. Once the hosts file is downloaded remove the extension from the downloaded hosts file “txt.”

windows hosts file blacklist drivers

4.Use the downloaded host file to replace (overwrite) your current hosts file by opening a new Window and navigating to: Windows 7/8 navigate to (C:) > Windows > System32 > Drivers > etc.

windows hosts file blacklist

4. Locate your current hosts file. Move your new hosts file icon from Windows Desktop into the fold where your current hosts file is to replace it.

You have successfully added our blacklist to your Windows Operating System, congratulations! Your web browsing is now safer!

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