Hoax: Jamie Oliver vs. McDonald’s

Jamie Oliver is a world renowned chef and media personality from Britain. There are many hoaxes online that claim Jamie Oliver has complained about McDonald’s and won a lawsuit against the fast food chain; However, this is entirely false.

A large amount of satire, ill-informed websites, and suspicious Facebook pages are claiming that chef Jamie Oliver has won his battle against world-wide brand McDonald’s in their use of ‘pink slime’ as filler in hamburgers. This is false.

Other fake stories associated with Jamie Oliver may be found online that are also not true. The Jamie Oliver McDonald’s hoax is meant to cause anxiety, fear, and shock to victims who believe the false information in order to generate website traffic or get users to “like” and promote Facebook pages.

Internet users have examined the plethora of false information and have documented a response detailed below:

1. Jamie Oliver is not a “hamburger chef”.

2. Jamie Oliver was never in, nor ever won any legal “battle with McDonald’s “.

3. McDonald’s has not used the so-called “pink slime” beef fillers for a good number of years now.

4. Ammonium hydroxide is not as harmful as the scarelore makes it to be. It’s found in water.

5. Jamie Oliver’s main issue with fast food revolved around mechanically-separated chicken… which McDonald’s hasn’t used since 2003.

6. The main scare-points in the mechanically separated chicken topic are outright lies, mentioned solely for gross-out factor.

4 comments on “Hoax: Jamie Oliver vs. McDonald’s
  1. OK expert. Oh maven of truth. Just go look at the ingredient lists yourself, they are listed on the website. Regardless of the Jamie Oliver claims being true, or not, it is irrelevant. McDonald's is dangerous, not just nasty and it should be put out there, regardless of how. People are stupid, gullible dangerous animals, they voted for Obama didn't they?

    • so you are saying that the goal justifies the means?…
      even if it is a complete lie that is making honest people loose their jobs that have nothing to do with McDonalds in any way?…
      what is more moronic?, being the false accuser or being the one who just saw the truth and still supports the lie cause it looked like a good idea at the time?…

      burn Jamie Oliver and his sensationalist money seeking point of view…
      trash like him is not more useful than any reality show with people vomiting on each other for ‘fun’…

  2. Anonymous on said:

    It does not matter whether its true or false news, but its better to abstain the chicken as there is no doubt an outbreak in Kelantan about this birdFlu business. Is it worth for anybody to risk his or her health just for ignoring the news. What ??? if it turns out to the truth. Thus for health sake its better to avoid trouble.

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