JohnAndLisaGiveBack Powerball Scam

Beware of the JohnAndLisaGiveBack Powerball scam. The JohnAndLisaGiveBack Powerball scam is an online scam designed to hijack social media accounts via manual share web attacks. If you have visited the website your social media account may become compromised. is not associated with the actual winners of the Powerball named John and Lisa Robinson.

The website claims that John and Lisa are giving back after winning the Powerball and that you can get $10,000 if you invite 2 friends to the website. However, this is not true and once you visit the website your social media account may become compromised.

Once your social media account is compromised the website can post on your behalf. It will post links to the website and tag your friends in the post. This is called a tag-jacking scam. uses rogue Facebook apps and other manual share web attack methods to take control of your Facebook and other social media accounts.

The JohnAndLisaGiveBack has been fully researched as a hoax and scam. There are many red flags. One red flag is that the website contains fake testimonials which have also been used in other scams like the “get a 2016 Six Flags season pass scam.”

The counter on the website is also fake. The counter will start at 97 and will countdown while you’re on the website, but once you clear your cache and return the counter will be right back up to 97.

People who have completed instructions on the website have also complained that it did not work.


To Celebrate Their Record Win and Give Back
Powerball Winners John Robinson and his wife Lisa
are Giving Away Cash To Random People
Simply Invite 2 Friends to Get Your Cash
After 2 Friends Click Your Link. Get Your Cash Instantly!


If you have been affected by the Get a 2016 Six Flags Season Pass scam there are certain tasks you must perform to ensure your personal data and your computer is secure.

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  1. Hi john and Lisa I heard iv won 100,000.00. Is it true. My name is ngahina hancy. Justed heard iv win for the seasonal Facebook freedom award promotion please get a hold of me on my email ngahina19@gmail or ring me on 02108694178 is about 100,000,00 thank you john and let lisa

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