Kohl’s anniversary gifts for everyone!

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Kohl’s anniversary gifts for everyone!
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If you’re going to be in Boulder, hike the Flatirons. You literally can’t miss them if you’re in town. When I was there I drove out with a friend to check out the mountains in the summer when they don’t have snow, but I like to ski so seeing that was really awesome to me, might not be for you. Breck had one of their lifts running up to around 11,000 feet so you could so some light hiking around there or mountain bike down as well.

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I’m not as familiar with Savannah’s bars and restaurants because when I lived in that area it actually didn’t have as much going on, so I’d usually go to Charleston instead. It’s really changing lately though and you can find a lot of good eats and drinks- just not on River Street, that’s worth walking down but don’t eat there, it’s all tourist traps. In Beaufort it’s more about the nature. Hunting Island is a really beautiful state park (it’s where scenes of Forrest Gump and the Jungle Book were filmed) and if you can find it, Fort Freemont on Land’s End is pretty cool. You pass the Chapel of Ease on the way out there. Dockside is the place to eat seafood in Beaufort. Alvin Ord’s has the BEST sandwiches, everyone in town considers it an institution. Downtown Beaufort is cute and great for walking around some of the neighborhoods to see the gorgeous old Southern houses.

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