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the flight. I thought it was tough knowing we lost her in a freak accident, but the idea that someone intentionally took her life, her mother’s life, and the lives

of myself and my life. All things that don’t hurt at all. TL;DR: Was baptized, didn’t grow up religios. Believed god and religion were bull. Realized there’s “something” as a teenager, took some more years to see the similarities of that to God, learned about the young

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MH370 and if it was a similar scenario. This is nothing short of a murder on a mass scale. It all seemed very suspicious to me from the beginning, and this morning my fears were confirmed. What a cowardly, cold, heinous act. I’m training to be a commercial pilot, and reading this sent chills down my spine. The last few minutes would have been absolutely terrifying for all those poor souls on board.

I understand why reddit hates Bieber … but why these guys? 21-23 years already 😀 50 Cent

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