Obama holding a gun in a black panther uniform (Hoax)

There is a doctored image of Obama holding a gun in a black panther uniform floating around the internet. The image is usually published in Facebook posts by people who oppose the President of the United States. The image appears to be Barack Obama sitting on the ground and pointing a handgun while dressed in a Black Panther uniform.

obama gun black panther real

The image of Barack Obama holding a gun is not real. It is a photo-shopped image of 2 images that have been cropped to a new size and layered. The original image is an image of 2 people in Black Panther uniforms. An image of President Obama’s face was then layered over the original image.

At this time, it appears that this is only a hoax. There is no path to where this image comes from, who edited the image, why they edited the image, or how this hoax actually got started; However, the hoax appears to be spread unknowingly by people who actually believe the image is real.

obama holding a gun black panther uniform

Facebook post:

THIS NEEDS TO GO VIRAL PATRIOTS!!!.It speaks volumes and was taken in 1998. Just 10 short years before becoming president. Pease share this photo of him holding a gun and dressed in a Black Panther uniform. COPY AND SHARE THIS!!! IT WILL BE PULLED DOWN SOON!!!! SO SHARE IT AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE!!!

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