SCAM ALERT: Starbucks is providing a free $50 Coupon to everyone!


A survey-scam that is spread by users who share a Facebook post claims that Starbucks is providing a free $50 Coupon to everyone to celebrate 45th Anniversary.




One of the latest survey-scams syndicated by Facebook posts and shares claims that Starbucks is providing a free $50 Coupon to everyone to celebrate their 45th anniversary. However, this is not true. Starbucks is not offering free flights to everyone.

The scam can easily be debunked because Starbucks was founded in November of the year 1971 which would make the popular coffeehouse chain 46 years old. Not 45. The scam and the way it is designed is also exactly the same as thousands of previous survey-scams. There is no doubt about it, this is a scam designed to phish your personal information via never-ending surveys.


The “Starbucks is providing a free $50 Coupon to everyone” scam is promoted by people who fall for the scam and share it on Facebook. A person will be directed to a webpage on the domain that contains 3 questions such as “have you ever visited a Starbucks?” Once the 3 questions are answered the victim will be directed to a new webpage that contains fraudulent information and various steps to allegedly acquire a reward.

The steps are to “Share this page by clicking “SHARE” button and type “Thanks #Starbucks” in the comments field!” and to click a Like button to like certain material or a Facebook page promoted by the survey-scam.

Once the steps are completed, the victim will be directed to a random third-party survey. The survey will ask for contact information and other details. If you submit your contact information you can expect to be contacted for a variety of reasons (such as telemarketing, scams, tech support scams, robocalls, and more). When the first survey is completed the victim will be directed to another survey. The surveys essentially never end and some cannot actually be completed. The surveys are realistically designed to gather personal information submitted by the visitor. You will not be rewarded for completing a survey or providing information to any survey.


Starbucks is providing a free $50 Coupon to everyone!

Starbucks is providing a free $50 Coupon to everyone! to celebrate 45th Anniversary!
Get yours coupon here – 1 coupon per person


You have been selected to take part in our short survey to get a Free $50 Coupon at Starbucks! We only have 332 coupons’s remaining so hurry up!
Sending your answer to…
Analyzing your answers…
Congratulations! You won a Free $50 coupon at Starbucks!
Step 1

Share this page by clicking “SHARE” button and type “Thanks #Starbucks” in the comments field!

Step 2

Click Like

Verifying steps

Why are survey-scams dangerous?

Survey-scams are dangerous because they are used to phish personal information from victims. They utilize deceptive surveys to obtain information that can help them contact victims.

The information collected by scammers is often sold and shared with numerous parties. Victims may get calls from scam artists, robocallers, fake pharmacies, and more. They may also receive unsolicited mail at home and unwanted email messages.

A victim’s contact information can also be used by scam artists and malware distributors.

What to do if you fell for a scam

If you fell for a Facebook scam like this it is recommended to immediately locate and remove rogue Facebook apps, change your password, and log your account out of other locations. You should also scan your computer with Antivirus or Antimalware software such as Malwarebytes to eradicate malware and other malicious trace files and website data from your computer.

If your account shared content without your permission make sure to remove the content from your Facebook account in order to stop the scam from spreading to your friends, family, and other people.

To ensure the safety of your bank or credit details it is suggested to contact your bank or credit card company to receive more instructions.

If you liked a page, unlike the page. If you shared dubious content delete it.

How to uninstall rogue Facebook apps

  1. Sign into your Facebook account and go to Settings > Apps.
  2. Hover your mouse over the rogue Facebook app and click the X to remove it. If you cannot find a rogue Facebook app it is likely that a rogue Facebook app was not installed. Scan your computer for malware with Malwarebytes to ensure no malware has infiltrated your computer system.

How to change your Facebook password

  1. Sign into your Facebook account and go to Settings > Security and Login.
  2. This page will tell you where your account is logged in. To change your password select Change password, type your current password, and type your new password twice.
  3. Click Save Changes.

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