Shocking-Report: How J-Lo Stayed Fit All-These-Years

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to Cibo and have no/little wait... sure it isn't as good, but I have to question if any pizza is that good. Try it once at least, and be your own judge. You owe it to yourself. I saw the mention in that book-- was it "The Best Pizza in America" or somesuch?-- and since I was living pretty nearby at the time I dragged my sister out to get in line at 4pm or so. The pizza was most definitely not amazing, stupendous, or even particularly impressive. It wasn't horrible, it wasn't inedible, but it wasn't worth the hype and it was not worth the wait. I would give it 3 or maybe 3 1/2 stars, but it gets worse thanks to the atmosphere. My sister and I chose what we were going to order and she excused herself for the restroom, and the waiter came over while she was away. He made it quite clear that I had one chance to order and I would not be able to make any changes or additions once he put the order in. Between that and the hectic din and the general sense that this place was all that and a slice of pizza, I was sort of let down. As someone else here pointed out, though, the bar next door was actually quite nice. Pleasant atmosphere and definitely more relaxed. We chatted with the bartender for a time before we realized that we needed to get in line to get our name on The List so we could come back to the bar. Hmmm. I say take the time you would spend waiting on line for Bianco and spend it with friends and family at your favorite local pizza joint. Another disappointed visit. I am starting to think this isn't a fluke and PB has lost it's magic touch. We went for my wife's birthday around 4pm on a Wednesday. We actually walked right in and sat down. We were both shocked as the least amount of time we have ever waited was well over 3 hours. The staff was more attentive on where we sat than giving us a genuine greeting even though the place was empty except two other tables. We put in our order for a margherita with prosciutto, a wise guy, and a caprese salad. The bread came out cold with some oil to dip it in. I can't remember if it was always cold but it would be nice if they threw it in the oven for 30 seconds before they serve it to you. Next our pizzas came out and the margherita was missing the prosciutto. Not a big deal. Maybe he didn't hear me, maybe the cook didn't hear him? My wife confirms I did

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