Trend Rv Unsealed RV

Trend Rv Facebook page claims to be giving away unsealed RVs to 20 Facebook users


Claim: Trend Rv claims to give away unslead RVs to 20 Facebook users who share their picture, like their page, and comment “DONE” on their Facebook post


We have got 20(Major Rv) that can´t be sold because
they have been unsealed.Therefore we are giving them away for free.
Want one of them ? Just Share this photo& Like Ourpage’ and we will choose 20 people completely at random on 17 October! as your Luck day
Comment ” DONE ”

Reasons why deceptive Facebook pages perform like-farming scams

  • To gather Facebook likes – Gathering Facebook likes helps the deceptive Facebook page come across as legitimate and safe to some people.
  • Phish personal information from surveys – Some Facebook scams will instruct Facebook users to visit a survey-scam website designed to gather personal information inputted by the user for various purposes.
  • To gather targets – If you are someone who falls for Facebook scams like this you will become a target for future scams. The Facebook page or a Facebook account associated with the page might even send you a message on Facebook claiming that you won and that you must pay an advanced fee or shipping fee to acquire the prize. In reality, you will not receive the prize and will lose the payment you sent to the scammer.

Although the Trend Rv Unsealed RV giveaway scam might seem harmless it is actually a very malicious scam. Victims of these scams often fall victims to advance fee fraud and other scams related to the page. The Facebook pages will target people who mindlessly follow the instructions they post on their Facebook page.

What you can do

If you come across Facebook pages like this do not like them or share their content. Report them to us (Contact formFacebook page), and use the report the page feature to report the dubious page to Facebook.

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