Virgin Australia phone scam promises free flyer points

Beware of a Virgin Australia phone scam targeting Australia that promises to give access to 999 points (or other amount). The scam is usually initiated by an automated message that claims people can receive free flyer points for the airline, followed by a real voice that asks for credit card details.

If you receive a phone call from an automated voice claiming to be from Virgin Australia Air Lines, hang up! This is a scam, you did not win a free flight and you can not redeem additional flyer rewards points. This scam is designed to trick victims into providing their personal information and credit card details.

Keith Pitman, a resident in Ballarat who has not flown on the airline in 154 years claims he was greeted by the automated message at 9am on July 14 that said he had frequent flyer miles, followed by a real man’s voice who asked for credit card information. He says he told the caller that he did not have a credit card and they immediately hung up.

Virgin Australia is aware of this scam and has released a statement saying that these calls are not from Virgin Australia.

“The calls may involve a ‘prize’ that requires your credit card information to be claimed,” the statement said.

“We strongly advise customers to hang up immediately if you suspect you have received a scam phone call.”


If you have provided your credit card information or other financial and personal details to the callers it is recommended to contact your bank or financial institution immediately.

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  1. Dennis on said:

    Sound real given that we flew Virgin two weeks ago but they have gone beyond credible, or seek the very gullible, now offering thousands of dollars. Call has been received twice in several days.

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