Walmart gift card from (Facebook Scam)

The Walmart gift card from scam is a Facebook scam designed to direct Facebook user to potentially malicious websites that host malware, hijack Facebook profiles, and phish personal information through various survey scams.

The Walmart gift card scam is usually spread through a series of Facebook spam posts on a hijack account. Users who visit the webpages promoted by this and similar scam may fall victim to automatic manual share web attacks that hijack Facebook accounts that are currently logged in. They may do so by obtaining the Facebook user’s credentials or by installing rogue third-party Facebook apps that have unwanted permissions set.

Once a Facebook account has been compromised by the Facebook Walmart gift card scam the user’s account will begin to post content on the user’s behalf. It will most likely tag a large number of the user’s Facebook friends. In some cases, the Walmart gift card scam may post comments on the spam post on the user’s behalf.

The spam posts created by fraudsters who have obtained access to the victim’s Facebook account are commonly hidden from the compromised account user’s timeline. However, the post will still be visible to friends on their Facebook feeds. Most Facebook users are unaware that their accounts have been hijacked due to this. To remove and view spam posts users may need to view their account activity and manually remove the post.

Users who participate in this scam will not win or receive any type of gift cards.


If your Facebook account has been affected by this scam or if you feel your computer is infected with malware please see the recommended solutions below. *If you have provided your email address, telephone number, and home address to the fraudulent applications and/or online surveys it is likely that you will receive unwanted email spam, telephone calls, and junk mail at home. In order to disable this occurrence it is recommended to take the necessary steps and safety precautions introduced by your email service, telephone provider, and mail carrier.

Before viewing the solutions provided below, it is recommended to write down our Tech Support hotline phone number in case you run into any issues.

  • Remove suspicious Facebook Apps (Settings > Apps).
  • Change your Facebook password (located in your Facebook Settings) and make sure to log out of every device when prompted to. This will stop unauthorized access to your account.

remove Facebook app

  • If you believe your computer is infected with malware we recommend to download and install reputable Anti-Malware software such as Malwarebytes Anti-Malware. Once installed, update the software, and run a scan for malicious files. *This software is available free or as a full version and can block malicious websites in real-time.


At first at I thoght this isjist a scam but i thaught why not give it a try?So i went to this link and im surprised that i actually got a giift card! this is too good not share try your luck here — with

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