Your walmart store-points (#645251) are ending tomorrow: Thanks

If you have received email spam with subject “Your walmart store-points (#645251) are ending tomorrow: Thanks” from sender “Sara Richardson” (or other) delete it immediately. This email spam message can be deceitful and harmful to your computer and privacy.

The email is associated with a survey-scam website that is essentially used to phish the information you submit into it. The survey will as you various questions and will then attempt to acquire your contact information (such as your home address, email address, and telephone number). You will not receive a prize for participating in online surveys.

Content from the email is listed below:

Your walmart store-points (#645251) are ending tomorrow: Thanks
From	Sara Richardson
Walmart Store-Points
All your rewards are expiring soon
Just let us know how your recent-experience was and you could be on your way to recieve an amazing reward.	
This reward can be used on all the new and coolest products available in our stores... 

WLMT- #468643599-645251

Trent. Have you been detailed to a division yet, Mr. Darrin Yes, sir; to Lieutenant Cantor's division. Ah, so inquired Trent. He did not say more, from which Dave dered if Trent did not like Cantor. If such were the case, then Darrin's opinion of Lieutenant Trent would run all the higher. Cantor is a very efficient officer, Trent said, after a pause, not long enough to be construed unfavorably. Dave did not answer this, for he could think of nothing to say. Some of our newest youngsters haven't wholly liked him, Trout went on, with a smile. I fancy that perhaps he works them a bit too grillingly. After four 

Darrin, it is my right to receive an answer to my question, insisted Cantor, his eyes glittering coldly. You will have to find out from some one other than myself, then, was Dave's calm answer. Darrin, you force me to tell you more than I really ought to tell. I am going to marry that young woman! Is the young woman aware of your intentions, sir Dave demanded, quietly. Yes! Darrin, I tell you, I am going to marry that young woman, and it is most imperative that I should see her as early as

 will then report to me on the quarter deck just before eight bells, noon. Aye, aye, sir! Any further orders None! Cantor stood there, an appealing look in his eyes, but Dave, saluting, turned on his heel and went out. So that is the fellow who is to teach me the duties and the ideals of the service, Dave Darrin reflected, disgustedly, as he stepped briskly around to port. A magnificent prospect ahead of me, if I must depend upon the instructions and the official favor of a bully and a scoundrel like Cantor! And he can make it hot for me, too, if he has a mind to do so! Don't I know how easy that ought to be for him I 

years at the Naval Academy, smiled Ensign Darrin, it puzzles me to understand how any officer can resent grilling. You'll find life very different on one of these big ships, Lieutenant Trout continued. You will soon begin to realize that we are in a cramped atmosphere. With fifteen hundred officers and men abroad there is barely elbow room at any time, and sometimes not that. This ship looks big enough to carry a small city full of people, Darrin smiled. See here! Trent stepped to the starboard rail, looking forward. Just look ahead, and see the magnificent distance to the bow, continued the officer of the deck. We call a ship 'she,' Darrin, and let me assure you, 'she' is some girl! Look at the magnificent length and breadth. Yet, when we
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