Woman Claims “Dirty Gloves” Made Her Pregnant After Cavity Search (Hoax)

An internet hoax created by satire website claims that a woman in Texas says that she was impregnated by a highway patrol officer during a cavity search. The satire article titled “Woman Claims “Dirty Gloves” Made Her Pregnant After Cavity Search” claims that “Jessica smith, 33, a single mother of two is suing the local police department for $250,000 as she claims the officer performed a cavity search which got her pregnant.”

The satire article further states that “after she protested the officer had no right to search her or her car and pulled out a copy of the U.S. Constitution, invoking her right to remain silent unless she was being accused of a crime; the officer went to perform the search with dirty gloves.” The fake news article further claims that  the officer did not change gloves before searching and she believes that the officer might have been “playing around” (to word it nicely) with the gloves on before searching her.

This is not true and has been fully researched as nonsense. There are no records of a Jessica Smith from Texas being impregnated by a male officer after he used dirty gloves to perform a cavity search on her. The initial “Woman Claims “Dirty Gloves” Made Her Pregnant After Cavity Search” article is published by satirical web publication Not Allowed To is a satire web publications whose purpose is to entertain by using shocking headlines. This insert can be found on their about us page:

“ is intended for entertainment purposes only. Our website and social media content uses the most notorious urban and satirical entertainment news with the most shocking headlines and articles.”

While this hoax is completely nonsense the website is not malicious like other websites who produce fake news articles. However, sharing fake news does not do anyone any good.

The purpose of this satire web publication and fake news article about a women getting pregnant after getting a cavity search with dirty gloves is designed to gather website traffic off of false information. It uses a provocative title in order to cause anxiety, shock, or intrigue unsuspecting online visitors to visit the website. More traffic for the website means that more people are likely to click on Cost-Per-Click advertisements embedded into the satire website. More traffic will also raise the impressions for a given webpage and help the website generate a higher volume of revenue off of the unsuspecting reader. It’s a cruel way to make a quick buck!


Woman Claims “Dirty Gloves” Made Her Pregnant After Cavity Search hoax

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